Film & TV News: June 1


  • Rumor has it that the casting for the new Spider-Man will be announced this week, as the character is scheduled to appear in the already-filming Captain America: Civil War. Also on the Marvel superhero front, the Ryan Reynolds jaunt Deadpool has wrapped filming this past week.
  • The Trevor Noah Daily Show handoff will occur on September 28th, less than two months after the late Jon Stewart passed aw…wait, he’s not dead? He left on purpose? Why, Jon, why?
  • Kung Fury is pretty hilarious, provided you’re in the right frame of mind (or, I suppose, the wrong frame of mind). The beginning is dumb, but the ending is more or less bliss:


The first trailer for the remake of Point Break literally begins with a quote attributed simply to “Ancient Proverb”. Yep:

Jesse Eisenberg and Kristin Stewart star as stoned cold killers in the first look at American Ultra:

And the new Edward Zwick film Pawn Sacrifice got a first trailer earlier in the week as well, showing that Tobey Maguire might actually be acceptable in something as long as the action is limited to a chessboard:

In Cinemas

Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland and George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road are still worth seeing (again, or a third time), and the coming week sees the release of Entourage, the Melissa McCarthy comedy Spy, and the Brian Wilson biopic Love & Mercy.


Holy Hardhome! Game of Thrones delivered its best episode in a while last night, coming into the home stretch for the fifth season. The third season of Hannibal premieres on Thursday in an otherwise slow television week.

On Netflix

The Wachowskis’ new series Sense8 streams on June 5 — here’s hoping it’s better than anything else the Wachowskis have been passing off.

Review of the Week

Our Aaron Sorkin Writer Series continues with Charlie Wilson’s War.

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