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As a mom-and-pop-shop movie review website, Motion State relies heavily on local arthouse cinemas for access and insight into the best film art the world has to offer. If you’ve enjoyed the commentary we have to offer, help us thank our local cinemas and festivals by supporting them directly:

Brattle Theatre

The Brattle has been bringing arthouse film to the Boston area since 1953.

Donate to the Brattle or become a member here.

Coolidge Corner Theatre

A Depression-era movie palace in 1933, the Coolidge has continually reinvented itself.

Donate to the Coolidge or become a member here.


Hands-down the best fest in Boston since 2003.

Donate to IFFBoston or become a member here.

Your Local Indie Cinema

Looking to watch a good movie at home? Use Kino Marquee to find virtual cinemas near you, run by theaters in temporary closure across the country. New movies every week, with proceeds supporting the independent arthouses in your area. Head to for more.

Theaters and festivals listed are not affiliated with Motion State, nor are these paid advertisements.

Never judge a book by its movie

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