Film & TV News: May 5


  • The Director’s Guild of America has named the 80 Best-Directed Films of All Time in honor of the Guild’s 80th Anniversary. In an era when any sap with a WordPress account (ahem) can make a Best of All Time list, the rationality of this one is actually impressive. And major respect for including Birdman.
  • In sad Director-Actor news, AvaDuVernay-Lupita Nyong’o won’t be happening on Intelligent Life due to the former dropping out; in happy Director-Actor news, Andrew Garfield has joined the new film by It Follows director David Robert Mitchell.
  • Kudos to anyone who followed up salutations of “May the Fourth be with you” not with today’s expected “Cinco de Mayo” but instead with “Revenge of the Fifth”. Solidarity, people. Solidarity.


Do you have the urge to do drugs? You’re in luck! 007 is holding!

Love’s a wilting flower in Tulip Fever:

And Joseph Gordon-Levitt manually deepens his voice to the point where it’s all you’ll think about in Snowden:

In Cinemas

Captain America: Civil War is poised to bring down the house this weekend, starting at Thursday showings this evening. Elsewhere (well, in Boston) the IFFBoston comes to a close after solid screenings across the city — check out our reviews of High-Rise and Disorder and stay tuned for more to come.


Game of Thrones knocked it out of the park last week with an all-around exciting episode, which hopefully doesn’t mean that this week will be muted in comparison. The Night Manager also continues it’s U.S. airing over on AMC.

On Netflix

The decent-looking French series Marseille hits the streaming service today, which is really the only noteworthy addition for the month of May besides Season 2 of Bloodline. One gets the sense that they just keep adding and removing the Nutty Professor movies month by month in order to keep their catalogue “fresh”.

Review of the Week

Talkin’ bout My Girl.

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