Film & TV News: March 30


  • Hugh Jackman has confirmed that he’ll only be playing Wolverine one more time, and that means he won’t be appearing in X-Men: Apocalypse. What happened to “playing Logan until you die”, Hugh? Can’t you just defy Hollywood studio machinations and somehow cameo in Avengers: Infinity War? Can’t you just come back and do an Old Man Logan movie? No Country for Old Man Logan? Please?
  • Speaking of Marvel movies, Adam McKay is now rumored to occupy the director’s chair for an upcoming MCU film. Money’s on Inhumans, and money’s also on this still not being anywhere near as enticing as Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man. Sigh.
  • The Walking Dead spinoff is now officially titled Fear the Walking Dead, and a brief tease premiered during last night’s WD finale. As our friends at Collider so eloquently put it, at least it ain’t as bad as The Walking Dead Into Darkness.


Jake Gyllenhaal looks to continue his hot streak with the boxing drama Southpaw:

The miniseries adaptation of the non-Harry Potter J.K. Rowling book The Casual Vacancy gets a first-look trailer:

And somehow, despite it seeming like production started only yesterday, the teaser trailer for Spectre is out and sufficiently teasy:

If Christoph Waltz is indeed Blofeld, he appears to have hair!

In Cinemas

I plan to catch the expanded release of It Follows this week, mostly because there isn’t a whole lot else out. Furious 7 comes out on April 3…so there’s that.


The season finale of The Walking Dead aired last night to mixed reviews (at least at my house). The second season of The Red Road starts Thursday night on SundanceTV, hence our scrambling to rewatch and review everything from the first season.

On Netflix

Bloodline is another solid Netflix original series worth checking out, and we’ve heard nothing but great things about Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Check out our Netflix Picks from a few weeks back for more TV and film recommendations.

Review of the Week

Michael Mann’s The Insider is easily one of his best. Here’s why.

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