Film & TV News: April 13


  • Stephen King’s The Dark Tower is getting “fast-tracked” — whatever that means nowadays — at Sony Pictures. The fantasy series has long been rumored for a film adaptation and had Ron Howard attached as director at one point, but now it sounds like it might actually get made.
  • As his latest film Furious 7 continues box office domination, director James Wan is now rumored for DC’s Aquaman film. According to a consortium of critics known as Me, if the DC Cinematic Universe has a more cohesive storyline then they should be able to stray in tone and mood from Zack Snyder’s pout-fests without seeming out-of-place. The more unique the directorial vision, the better.
  • The complete Star Wars saga is now available for the first time in Digital HD, just in time to watch all six movies a dozen more times before The Force Awakens comes out.


A new trailer for Marvel’s Ant-Man went up this morning:

The Sundance darling Me & Earl & the Dying Girl received an official trailer this week, which hopefully signals a fairly wide release:

And the second season of True Detective got a brief teaser which contains only heavy staring and still manages to look awesome:

In Cinemas

The Tom Hardy thriller Child 44, the POV-cam horror flick Unfriended, and the sequels to Paul Blart: Mall Cop and Monsters all hit theaters this Friday.


Game of Thrones returned last night. I’d pay money for a Varys & Tyrion show in Vegas or something, like a Penn & Teller where both of them talk. Anyway, the season premieres of Silicon Valley and Veep drafted off of GoT‘s wake, AMC’s Turn comes back tonight, and Justified will bow for the last time on Tuesday night.

On Netflix

Dude: Daredevil.

Review of the Week

What if you tire before it’s done? Does it have rules? Can more than one play? What makes you think it’s a game? Is it a game? Will it break? It better break eventually! Is there an object? What if you tire before it’s done? Does it come with batteries? We could charge extra for them. Is it safe for toddlers? How can you tell when you’re finished? How do you make it stop? Is that a boy’s model? Can a parent assemble it? Is there a larger model for the obese? What if you tire before it’s done? What the hell is it? Aw, hell, fella — it’s The Hudsucker Proxy.

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