Film & TV News: January 27


  • Sundance 2016 is underway, with particularly good looks for Manchester by the Sea, The Birth of a Nation, Under the Shadow, Sing Street and Southside With You, among others.
  • Woody Allen will be starring alongside Miley Cyrus in an Amazon series he’s producing, allegedly a comedy, allegedly something watchable, but who knows. Maybe it’s a sequel series to Hannah Montana, with Allen playing an elderly Billy Ray? One can only hope.
  • A spread in Empire has teased yet another villainous presence in Batman v. Superman alongside Lex Luthor and Doomsday: Darkseid, the be-all-end-all, the Omega, the great undoer. We probably won’t actually see him in BvS, but expect hints and rumblings of him in every DC film from now ’til Justice League.


The first teaser for Finding Dory is here:

As is the trailer for HBO’s animated comedy Animals:

But the most fun-looking teaser is for the Sundance screening of Hunt for the Wilderpeople, featuring one very bad egg:

In Cinemas

If you’re catching up on your Oscar nominees, your best bets are probably Spotlight, The Revenant, Anomalisa, and Joy. If you’re all caught up, you might as well wait a short week-and-a-half for the latest Coen flick Hail, Caesar!


We’re definitely late to the Mr. Robot party, but hey. Better late than never. We figured we’d watch now because three seasons from now when people are raving about how Mr. Robot is so good we can actually be one of those people instead of one of the people annoyed by those people.

On Netflix

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Review of the Week

Anyone remember anything from Cloverfield?

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