Film & TV News: February 20


  • True Blood‘s Kelly Overton has been cast as the gender-swapped vampire-hunting Van Helsing in SyFy Channel’s newest series, which already sort of seems doomed for cancellation. Is anyone clamoring for more Van Helsing? Is the gender-swap just…because? Will Hugh Jackman appear as a grizzled old man in a hood on a lush island in the final moments, with Overton’s new heroine extending his old lightsaber to him in an offering of peace?
  • …okay, more sequel news. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has begun principal photography, and Pom Klementieff and Kurt Russell have officially been announced as new cast after a few months of likely rumors. Klementieff will be playing the scantily-clad comics character Mantis, and odds are Russell will be playing Big Papa Quill. Hopefully not scantily clad, though.


The Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel Sword of Destiny got a second trailer this week:

Here’s a trailer for a show about cults:

What’s that? You love cults? Here, have some more:

In Cinemas

Deadpool is still killing it at the box office, and with the crappy-looking likes of Risen, Race and Gods of Egypt on the horizon it’s probably your best bet at the cinema. The Coen Brothers weird Hail, Caesar! is also out, which you’re welcome to check out as long as you’re comfortable being uncomfortable for a few days afterwards.


Better Call Saul, The Walking Dead, Hulu’s 11.22.63, HBO’s Vinyl, and more kicked off within the past week alone. But for the most dense and hardcore dramatic storytelling available, Tuesday night’s 140th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show can’t be topped.

On Netflix

Next week sees the simultaneous release of the aforementioned Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel and the first season of Fuller House. Coincidence or connection? You decide!

Review of the Week

Remember how awesome Batman: The Animated Series was?

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