Film & TV News: April 20


  • Plot details for Star Wars: Rogue One reveal that the rumored Death Star connection is in fact at the center of the 2016 spinoff. This means the events will take place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, which is simultaneously exciting and worrying.
  • Tribeca Film Festival continues this week, closing on April 26th. Western-themed highlights of this year’s festival include William Monahan’s Mojave and the Michael Fassbender frontier flick Slow West.
  • John Michael McDonagh’s follow-up to last year’s excellent Cavalry, a New Mexico-set black comedy called War on Everyone, began filming this week. Check out the first image over at Empire.


A pretty awesome week for trailers included the first teaser for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice:

A striking peek at the strange Tale of Tales:

And, of course, the only trailer that really matters:

In Cinemas

The Age of Adaline, The Forger and Adult Beginners all open on April 24th, which is either encouragement to seek out a screening of Ex Machina or encouragement to wait for Avengers: Age of Ultron next week.


The season finales of The Americans and Vikings air on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively, and Game of Thrones turned in a solid episode last night with “The House of Black and White”. Is anyone watching American Crime? Any good?

On Netflix

There are a few new film releases this week (like last year’s horror hit The Babadook) but Daredevil is still the thing you should be binging.

Review of the Week

Our Director Series on John Carpenter begins with Assault on Precinct 13.

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