Film & TV News: May 25


  • The jury at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival (which included the Coen Brothers, Jake Gyllenhaal, Sienna Miller, Guillermo del Toro, Xavier Dolan and a few more) selected champions yesterday as the festival comes to a close. The Palme d’Or went to Dheepan, the Grand Prize went to the Holocaust drama Son of Saul, acting awards went to Rooney Mara and the fantastic Vincent Lindon, and the best screenplay award went to Michel Franco for Chronic. Whew!
  • Ex Machina‘s Alicia Vikander is rumored to be in talks for both Assassin’s Creed and the next installment of the Bourne franchise. If she doesn’t get either role, we’ll be more than content to just watch Ex Machina again.
  • Empire has released the first pictures from Ridley Scott’s The Martian, starring Matt Damon and everyone else who’s in every movie these days. From the looks of the photo above, The Martian may touch on the theme of man’s singular place in the vast and unknowable universe. Shocking.


A new trailer for Black Mass went up this Memorial Day weekend, giving a deeper look at Johnny Depp’s return to crime drama as Whitey Bulger:

A new trailer for Pan was released early last week (still reminds me a lot of Oz the Great and Powerful, which is never a good thing):

And Cooties, though boasting a gleefully satirical premise, doesn’t necessarily look like anything revelatory after all in the first trailer:

In Cinemas

We give Tomorrowland an A, Mad Max: Fury Road an A-, and Good Kill a B. Next weekend Cameron Crowe’s Aloha and the Dwayne Johnson disaster flick San Andreas get wide releases, and there’s nothing to say you can’t rush out to see both of them back-to-back (thankfully, there’s nothing that says you have to, either).


Apart from last night’s Game of Thrones, Thursday’s season finale of Louie and the premiere of the maybe-this-will-be-okay series Aquarius, it’s looking like a pretty good week to go to the cinema.

On Netflix

You can either watch Shaft or Zombeavers, or you can head over to our Staff Picks archive, or you can do all three, or none, or maybe start Zombeavers and fall asleep and then wake up and feel compelled to start the movie over again, or just go make a sandwich or something. The point is that possibilities are endless.

Review of the Week

Help! I’m trapped in the ’90s!

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