Film & TV News: June 7


  • The limited revival of The X-Files begins shooting this coming week. A strange casting announcement came in the form of Joel McHale, who will apparently be playing a popular news anchor in a guest role. I’m a fan of X-Files and I’m a fan of McHale, but I’m finding it hard to imagine how they’d taste in the same recipe.
  • Stephen King’s The Stand is set for an eight-part miniseries at Showtime followed by a feature film, which at this point is really only dredging up the heretofore-repressed memory of the abysmal 1994 Molly Ringwald version. Thanks, Showtime!
  • The second season of Daredevil is allegedly courting Jason Statham for the role of the assassin Bullseye, which is one of the most perfect comic book casting rumors I’ve heard in a while.
  • Speaking of comic book films, James Wan has been officially announced as the director for DC’s Aquaman.


An awesome week for new trailers included the first look at Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies:

A new trailer for Robert Zemeckis’s The Walk:

A first look at the survival ensemble Everest:

And a peek at 99 Homes, the TIFF darling starring Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon:

Other trailers this week included a second look at Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, Michael Fassbender’s Macbeth, Vacation, Z for Zachariah, the HBO comedy 7 Days in Hell, and a new trailer for Jake Gyllenhaal’s boxing drama Southpaw.

In Cinemas

Jurassic World hits theaters this Friday, but smaller fare releases Me & Earl & the Dying Girl and The Wolfpack will be worth seeking out as well.


Peppered among NBA Finals and Women’s World Cup games are Game of Throne‘s penultimate episode, Turn‘s second season finale, and the premiere of the BBC series Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell.

On Netflix

The Wachowskis’ new series Sense8 is now available for streaming, and the pilot “Limbic Resonance” asks enough questions to merit watching the second episode. Thankfully, if you’re in the market for a show you already know is good, Bill Nye, the Science Guy is now streaming too.

Review of the Week

Gear up for Jurassic World with our look at the original Jurassic Park, part of our Michael Crichton Writer Series.

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