Film & TV News: June 15


  • The great Christopher Lee passed away earlier this week at 93. He’ll be remembered for countless roles, for Dracula, for Saruman in Lord of the Rings, for Count Dooku in Star Wars, and for his symphonic metal concept albums (yes).
  • Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight will be screened in 70mm, meaning theaters near you will either have to outfit their booths with new projectors or decide against screening a Tarantino flick. It’s a great power move by Tarantino, because once major theater chains have that capability alongside their digital projectors it opens the door for more films on actual film.
  • Videosyncrazy, David Fincher’s HBO series about the music video industry in the 1980s, has mysteriously halted production. No word on what the primary issue is, but as Fincher’s the perfect guy for a series like this we really hope the pieces get reassembled soon.
  • Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur, having already completed all of the voice work, has now turned around and completely recast nearly every voice actor. Production on this one has always been rocky, but Pixar’s no stranger to that. As long as it’s not called Cars, we’re safe.


Among the many comic trailers this week was one for the Bill Murray gig Rock the Kasbah:

Break Point (not Point Break) also looks potentially hilarious:

And one of the most anticipated comedies of the year is The Stanford Prison Experiment, a goofy lighthearted romp about a group of college kids who stick it to the man by following their own rules:

Silly kids!

In Cinemas

Jurassic World dominated the box office on opening weekend, outperforming even Avengers: Age of Ultron. This coming weekend sees the release of Pixar’s Inside Out, indie darling Dope and David Gordon Green’s Manglehorn.


The fifth season of Game of Thrones ended with a bang last night, begging the questions as to why the wealth couldn’t have been spread out across the first few plodding episodes. True Detective will take the Sunday night slot on HBO starting next week.

On Netflix

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s second season is now available for streaming, so if you’re an MCU fan you can bridge the gap until the release of Ant-Man next month. Check out our most recent Netflix Staff Picks for more recommendations.

Review of the Week

The underseen Sidney Lumet drama The Pawnbroker is worth a watch (and a read) so long as you’re willing to invest in it.

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