Film & TV News: March 23


  • David Lynch stated that season 3 of Twin Peaks may still be “up in the air” despite some series regulars already signing on. We wait with bated breath.
  • Meanwhile, The X-Files‘ limited season seems to be getting closer to a green light at Fox. Don’t expect any more than ten episodes, though, since David Duchovny claims everyone is “too old.” I think Gillian Anderson would beg to differ!
  • Bridge of Spies will be the first of 27 Steven Spielberg films not to feature a John Williams score. This time the honor goes to Thomas Newman, though Williams will return for The BFG.
  • Annapurna Pictures, champion of compelling artistic cinema, has filled out Ana Lily Armipour’s mysterious The Bad Batch with some fascinating names: Keanu Reeves, Jim Carrey, Jason Momoa, and Diego Luna.


The week in trailers started out pretty rough with yet another Adam Sandler/Kevin James misfire, Pixels:

Andrew Niccol and Ethan Hawke get topical in this intense Good Kill trailer about a drone pilot:

I may or may not be okay with Man Up, a romantic comedy starring Lake Bell and Simon Pegg:

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation steals the show this week. If it’s anywhere near as good as Ghost Protocol, then we’re in for a treat. Judging from that last shot, I think they’ll deliver:

 In Cinemas

Insurgent and The Gunman opened in the States this weekend…. So, what’s on TV?


The Walking Dead finale airs on Sunday, and Community returns with Season 6 on Yahoo Screen, making the “six seasons and a movie” line more and more prophetic. Those are fun and all, but I urge you to check out HBO’s The Jinx. A lot of us missed this chilling documentary series the first time around, but I guarantee you’ll be hearing a lot more about it in the news.

On Netflix

On March 20th, Netflix debuted season 1 of  Bloodline, continuing their streak of solid programming with this mysterious, nonlinear tale about a Florida family’s dark past.

Review of the Week

Check out our look back at 1999’s hilarious documentary, American Movie.

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