Film & TV News: March 16


  • The first Star Wars spinoff, from director Gareth Edwards and writer Chris Weitz, now has a title and a star: Star Wars: Rogue One with Felicity Jones.
  • Star Wars: Episode VIII, written and directed by Rian Johnson, has been scheduled for May 26, 2017, exactly forty years and one day after the release of A New Hope.
  • Disney surprised absolutely no one by announcing Frozen 2. “Just let it go, Disney” jokes abounded.
  • Eddie Murphy could make a triumphant return to drama in Lee Daniels’ Richard Pryor biopic, playing the comedian’s father. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get too invested in an Oscar this time…


Trailers  this week were a pleasant surprise, kicking off with a no more enlightening but just as intriguing peek at Tomorrowland:

Dwayne Johnson’s probably the only man who can make us welcome back absurd, old-fashioned disaster movies with San Andreas:

We should probably just give Pixar a Best Animated Feature Oscar nomination for this ambitious Inside Out trailer:


Some recommendations maybe you haven’t heard this week are Will Forte’s new show, The Last Man on Earth, the new season of Girls, and oh wait yeah we’re all still watching The Walking Dead

On Netflix

You should definitely check out Oscar-nominated How to Train Your Dragon 2. While you do that, I’ll be watching the first four Saw movies for the first time. Thanks, Netflix!

Review of the Week

Hangmantitan suffered through hours of Jean-Claude Van Damme movies for our edification. The result is a fantastic review of Bloodsport because if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. (If only he knew that before he started.)

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