Film & TV News: May 4


  • May the Fourth be with you! A bunch of Star Wars news dropped this week, including the arrival of the first season of Star Wars Rebels online and the departure of director Josh Trank from the upcoming “anthology” film. Both are good!
  • Collider has the first pictures from David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, which the director tweeted last night. If you’re wondering what in the hell is going on with some of these costumes, you’re not alone. Killer Croc needs a touchup. Badly. But the solo portrait of Will Smith’s Deadshot is promising, even if he’s still a weird choice for the role.
  • CSI, one of the longest-running cable television shows in history, has been officially cancelled by CBS. The question is now whether a farewell season is in order, or whether that last season finale is actually the series finale, or whether anyone actually gives a shit about CSI anymore.


Absolutely Anything got a first look this week, which makes the film look like Bruce Almighty with a British twist and a better cast:

A full-size house! A full-size X-wing! Rivendell! Jason Bateman! A version of The Matrix that’s better than the actual Matrix (see above)! A Lego Brickumentary shows you can build all of those out of Legos:

This one looks really cool: The Nightmare, a sleep paralysis documentary that looks to be utilizing recreations of nightmarish visions to bring the viewer entirely into the experience:

The only thing turning me off is that Rodney Ascher is the guy behind it, and he was the guy behind the infuriatingly moronic Room 237. Both are great concepts, but hopefully this is more than that.

In Cinemas

Avengers: Age of Ultron had a massive opening weekend heading into summer blockbuster season — this upcoming weekend looks a bit slow, but the following weekend holds Mad Max: Fury Road, the Michael Fassbender flick Slow West, and the excellent-looking Good Kill.


HBO’s Game of Thrones had what most would consider to be a slow episode last night, but I submit that the pieces are now in place for a cracking hour next Sunday. Gotham ends its rookie season run tonight and Dig does the same on Thursday night.

On Netflix

Between the entire first season of Puss in Boots (yep, that’s a thing), Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas, Legally Blonde AND Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde all suddenly available for streaming, I’d say your calendar is full.

Review of the Week

Our Ron Howard Director Series continues with 1986’s Gung Ho, which may or may not be slightly racist.

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