Film & TV News: October 13


  • Both the New York Film Festival and the New York Comic Con concluded this weekend. From the former, I’d like to give a sarcastic shout-out to the idiot who talks through the Closing Night premiere and is inevitably seated right next to me; from the latter, I’d like to give an actual shout-out to the girl dressed as Harley Quinn that I saw zipping through Grand Central. Nice mallet.
  • Quentin Tarantino is cutting two versions of The Hateful Eight (rather than, you know, eight versions), one for 70mm and one for the rest of the peons to check out in digital. I really cannot for the life of me think of a good reason for this, other than because he’s Tarantino.
  • Jeff Goldblum, Bryan Cranston, Bob Balaban and Edward Norton will be voicing a pack of dogs for Wes Anderson’s next stop-motion animation film. Even if you’re not a huge Wes fan, that’s a pretty top-tier voice cast.


The only trailer that really matters this week is Hail, Caesar!, the new film from the Indomitable Brothers Coen:

This is bad. Bad for movie stars everywhere.

In Cinemas

The Walk, Sicario, The Martian, Black Mass…basically, you have no excuse not to go to the movies this week. Plus, new releases include Bridge of Spies, Crimson Peak and the excellent-looking indie Room. ‘Tis the season.


The second season of The Leftovers started last week with a bang and continued this past weekend, though it had to compete with the sixth season premiere of The Walking Dead. Oh, and Fargo is back. And Homeland. And The Affair. Sheesh.

On Netflix

Beasts of No Nation, the new film from True Detective helmer Cary Fukunaga, becomes available for stateside streaming this Friday. It looks to be can’t-miss cinema, and possibly Netflix’s first worthy foray into awards season fracas.

Review of the Week

Check out our reviews from this year’s NYFF, including the world premiere of Don Cheadle’s Miles Ahead.

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