Film & TV News: December 23


  • The latest Force Awakens box office numbers put the Star Wars episode at $610.8 million, blasting past previous record-holders in pretty much every category. Avatar‘s global box-office haul is certainly in sight. More importantly, The Force Awakens is a pretty fantastic movie.
  • Speaking of Avatar, James Cameron has made a series of optimistic-sounding comments about the future of the franchise and the release of the first sequel around Christmas 2017. Cameron is planning a trilogy of sequels and is taking his time developing the world of Pandora, which in my book is a good thing.
  • Inherent Vice‘s Katherine Waterston will lead Ridley Scott’s Prometheus sequel Alien: Covenant, which will reportedly bring back Michael Fassbender’s android David and potentially Noomi Rapace’s Shaw as well. Here’s hoping the writing is more akin to the sparse Alien than to the convoluted Prometheus.


Go for a new school record with the first trailer for Richard Linklater’s Everybody Wants Some:

Next, Scott Eastwood stars in Diablo — count the gunshots!

And Eddie the Eagle looks like a decent time at the movies, if only for the all-too-familiar vibe coming off the first trailer:

In Cinemas

Christmas Day releases include David O. Russell’s Joy, the Point Break remake, the Ferrell-Wahlberg comedy Daddy’s Home and the potential awards contenders Concussion and The Danish Girl. If you’re able, seek out the 70mm version of Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight. Or, just see Force Awakens again.


It’s slim pickings outside of Christmas Specials and insufferable presidential campaign ads for the majority of the week. I for one will be hunting down the latest “season” of Luther, which aired on BBC America last week and consists of a feature-length one-off arc starring Idris Elba’s London detective.

On Netflix

The superb “White Christmas” episode of Black Mirror streams on December 25th, and there’s no shortage of holiday cheer to be had if British sci-fi isn’t your thing. The Ref, Batman Returns, Ernest Saves Christmas, that “Fireplace for Your Home” thingy…

Review of the Week

Speaking of accurate movie titles: Merry Christmas, everyone.

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