Film & TV News: February 29


  • The Aussies cleaned up at the 88th Academy Awards last night, taking home a grand total of six for Mad Max: Fury Road. The Revenant and Spotlight won the bigger trophies, though, as did Brie Larson for Room and Mark Rylance for Bridge of Spies.
  • Major respect to Alicia Vikander for taking home a well-deserved Supporting Actress Oscar, considering she was pivotal not only in The Danish Girl but also the supremely under-appreciated Ex Machina and the summer’s best popcorn flick The Man from U.N.C.L.E., all of which are from 2015. 2016 better watch out.
  • We somehow failed to recognize that the great Douglas Slocombe had passed away this year until the In Memoriam section of the Oscars rolled out. Slocombe is the man who lensed the likes of The Lavender Hill Mob and Raiders of the Lost Ark and had immense influence on how major motion pictures look today.
  • Best quote of the night goes to Oscar winner Charlize Theron, responding on the subject of the best part of the Academy Awards by simply saying “the hamburgers.” Also, Best Human Ever also goes to Charlize.


The Academy Awards honor the films and filmmakers of the past year, basking in the glow of the cinematic process and experience. Now here’s a bunch of trailers for TV shows, starting with the latest look at the second season of Daredevil:

Tom Hardy’s event series Taboo looks pretty cool:

And the second season of Fear the Walking Dead got another short peek as well:

In Cinemas

To see: Zootopia. To see again: Deadpool. To skip: Triple 9.


The Walking Dead and Better Call Saul continue on AMC and the final episode of Downton Abbey airs next Sunday night.

On Netflix

March 1st additions to the U.S. streaming service will include Star Trek: The Motion Picture and The Wrath of Khan, Groundhog Day, Good Burger, Scarface and more.

Review of the Week

Check out our original review of the Best Picture-winning Spotlight. Comment on whether you thought the win was a worthy one and stay tuned for a second look at the film in our Take Two column.

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