Film & TV News: June 21


  • Matt Damon’s return to the Bourne franchise is enticing the rest of the band back, too, as Julia Stiles is now said to be onboard the 2016 release. Viggo Mortensen is apparently in negotiations to play the villain, which is an addition that would no doubt wash the taste of The Bourne Legacy away for good.
  • First he says he’s down to play Wolverine “until he dies”; then, word that Hugh Jackman’s time as Logan would come to an end after the next solo film. Now rumor has it that X-Men: Apocalypse will feature Jackman in a smallish role, maybe even just a cameo, showing that they haven’t quite learned that X-Men movies sans Jackman aren’t as interesting as the alternative.
  • Vin Diesel is making a Kojak movie, so. Yep.
  • Hall H regulars Marvel, Sony and Paramount are all skipping San Diego Comic Con this year, presumably because leaked documents are doing all of their marketing for them. Motion State Review will be skipping Hall H, too, which is yet another crippling loss for convention superfans. Next year.


Denis Villeneuve’s latest film Sicario has a first trailer that looks pretty intense (which, for anyone familiar with Villeneuve, should be no surprise):

On a related note, People Places Things asks why life sucks so hard:

And we finally have a glimpse of Robin Williams’s final dramatic film role as Nolan in Boulevard:

In Cinemas

As Jurassic World continues box-office domination, the well-reviewed Pixar movie Inside Out is now in wide release; Dope, though playing in a limited release, is also worth your movie money.


True Detective will take over the Game of Thrones Sunday night slot on HBO starting tonight, and it might be wise to go ahead and expect the HBO GO server to crash due to such high demand like it did during last season’s finale. There’s some other stuff on TV this week, too, probably.

On Netflix

Sense8 is probably the best thing the Wachowskis have ever done, but we’re not entirely convinced that’s high praise. Also newly streaming is the so-so Philip Seymour Hoffman flick A Most Wanted Man. Check out our most recent Netflix Staff Picks for more recommendations.

Review of the Week

Gear up for the second season of True Detective with our Take Two on the first season, “A Man Without a Family“.

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