Film & TV News: July 16

Happy End-of-Comic-Con! In lieu of our traditional news posts (which contain, you know, news) and to make up for a missed post this past weekend (was on a bender — duty calls) we’re bringing you a special SDCC-centric news post comprised exclusively of the best trailers from this year’s legendary Con. What’s that you say? This sounds like a lazy way to “write” an article? Well, shit. Aren’t you a perceptive one.

First up are the big ones: amid the onslaught of superhero flicks on display in San Diego, DC Comics properties finally stood out with two impressive trailers. The first is Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice:

David Ayer’s Suicide Squad trailer played like gangbusters just prior to the BvS teaser, and more and more it seems the two are meant to be companion pieces of sorts. And it continues the trend of classic-song-coated-in-melancholy, which usually is really annoying…but here it’s just too perfect:

So the universe once populated by just Henry Cavill just got a whole lot bigger…and hey! Segue! Cavill’s also in the new trailer for The Man From U.N.C.L.E.:

What’s that? Another perfect transition? Here’s another thing that starts with The Man, this time the full trailer for Amazon’s phenomenal series The Man in the High Castle:

Let’s keep these segues rolling — Nazis are d*ckheads, and so are some of the people on The Affair! Wow!

And even though the trailer for Show Me A Hero has nothing to do with Comic Con, it looks pretty great (and vibes very A Most Violent Year):

That’s all she wrote! I mean, it’s not, of course — SDCC featured trailers for the Marvel flicks Deadpool and X-Men: Apocalypse, which we can’t repost here because they haven’t been released online, and Fantastic Four, which we don’t feel like reposting here because we’re bored by it. You?

Reviews of the Week

How terrifying is Jared Leto’s Joker in that picture up there? Right. Now check out our review of Pixar’s animated “kids” movie Inside Out along with our Take Two “Pixar Goes to Therapy” and see if you can’t wipe that image from your brain.

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