Film & TV News: September 9


  • Christopher Nolan has announced his next film will hit theaters in 2017, but that’s all we know. Besides Michael Caine.
  • Netflix has picked up the fantastic Charlie Brooker series Black Mirror for more original episodes, which is welcome news for those dreading the proposed American remake. For those who’ve yet to see the show, take the first episode with a grain of salt. From the second episode onwards, you’ll be hooked.
  • Spectre‘s theme song “Writing’s on the Wall” will be theme sung by Sam Smith, the first British male solo artist to do Bond since Thunderball‘s Tom Jones.
  • The Force Awakens will be opening one day early in the U.K., as if I needed another reason to move to Europe.


Our Brand is Crisis might prove David Gordon Green, director of Joe and Manglehorn, correct in saying that we’ll never be able to figure him out:

Speaking of which, Demolition looks to be a new tone for Dallas Buyers Club and Wild director Jean-Marc Vallée:

And Will Smith follows the lukewarm Focus with Concussion, a drama centered around the National Football League:

In Cinemas

Nothing. Seriously. You can catch The Man from U.N.C.L.E. or Straight Outta Compton if you haven’t yet, and even Inside Out and Jurassic World are still playing in certain theaters. Thankfully, after one more week of late-summer drivel, promising new autumn offerings (Black Mass, Sicario) start coming en masse.


Fear the Walking Dead is picking up steam at the midway point of the first season, and the original Dead returns for a sixth season next month. If you can’t wait that long to watch defeated people amble aimlessly in fields, go watch the Red Sox.

On Netflix

Narcos is the latest in Netflix’s stellar track record of high-quality drama, and is highly recommended — stay tuned for our season review next week.

Review of the Week

Daniel Day-Lewis is pretty good, but this actor is better.

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