Film & TV News: January 10


  • Guys: a Deadwood movie. We dare not dwell on this possibility and are currently knocking on every wooden object in the vicinity, but HBO and David Milch have stated that “it’s happening”. Lots of deserving shows bring up the possibility of concluding with a movie, but a Deadwood film just makes perfect sense.
  • Lots of TV news this week, as a matter of fact: Steven Soderbergh has revealed a six-year plan for The Knick, Ridley Scott has expressed interest in helming an adaptation of The Prisoner, and Arrested Development will be structuring its fifth season like Making a Murderer. All of those things sound awesome.
  • Christopher Nolan’s next film will be Dunkirk, and fellow collaborator Hans Zimmer has already signed on for scoring duties. Tom Hardy’s name has been thrown out for a starring role, but that’s just a rumor at this point.
  • Aaron Sorkin will make his directorial debut with Molly’s Game, a true-life tale of a championship skier who turns into a “gambling matron”. If Sorkin can cherrypick from the directors he’s collaborated with recently — David Fincher on The Social Network, Bennet Miller on Moneyball, Danny Boyle on Steve Jobs — then Molly’s Game will be one to watch.


Only a few new noteworthy trailers this week, one of which highlights Matthew McConaughey’s Civil War freedom fighter in The Free State of Jones:

And if 11.22.63 is anywhere near as good as this trailer, we’re in for something cool:

In Cinemas

The Revenant did surprisingly well in this weekend’s expansion, overtaking The Force Awakens at the box office on Friday. Right now The Hateful Eight and Anomalisa are your other best bets. And hey — less than a month until the Coens’ Hail, Caesar!


This evening the Golden Globes will consider the likes of Ex Machina, The Martian, Beasts of No Nation, Steve Jobs, The Revenant and The Hateful Eight for immortality amongst those who actually care about the Golden Globes.

On Netflix

Catwoman? Really? It’s a new year, a new dawn, a time to shed the husks and bitter aftertastes of the lost Netflix hours of 2015, and the first new offering at our fingertips is Catwoman?

Review of the Week

Our John Carpenter Director Series continues with Christine.

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